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Southeastern Fracture Consortium (SEFC) Core Missions

  1. Sponsor an annual CME accredited Trauma Education event targeted to meeting the needs of the Orthopaedic Surgeon in community practice who is managing patients with musculoskeletal injuries.

  2. Sponsor an annual think tank dedicated to clinical research in the care of patients with musculoskeletal injury, with an emphasis on identification of topics that are best suited to investigation with multi-center retrospective or prospective cohort studies.

  3. Through these activities SEFC achieves the goals of:

    1. Developing camaraderie among professional colleagues among the membership of the organization
    2. Establishing a group of orthopaedic surgeon’s interested in participating as faculty in the annual SEFS educational event
    3. Providing a venue to discuss and refine clinical research proposals; to facilitate opportunity for members to become PI on projects, and serve as a conduit for a PI to connect with multiple institutions to participate in such projects
    4. Creating an environment to exchange ideas and interact to result in mentoring and education of orthopaedic surgeons interested in clinical research or other professional development.

The Foundation is funded through membership by providers of orthopaedic trauma care and through contributions. We have received corporate donations in past years which have assisted with the start-up costs and will be inviting continued corporate sponsorship. Recognition is awarded to the contributors on the Foundation website.

Categories of Membership


Membership Fee: $200 Annually

SEFC individual membership applicants must hold an MD, DO, and/or PhD and be employed in the field of orthopaedic surgery and/or Orthopaedic research. Individual members may register for the annual SEFS at ½ (50%) registration fees. Individual members may be SEFC principal investigators and present at the Annual SEFS Research Session to engage site participation and potential funding.


Membership Fee: $1000 Annually

This category of membership is intended for Orthopaedic Trauma academic institutions who have residents and fellows being trained in their institution and allows no-fee registration for those residents and fellows for the General Session and labs at the annual SEFS. When joining and paying as an institutional member, names of current orthopaedic residents and fellows are to be listed when initiating membership and is to be updated at annual membership renewal to ensure registrations can be appropriately processed for reduced fee benefit.

Orthopaedists and staff employed by that institution are excluded from no fee registration at the annual SEFS and may choose to join as SEFC individual members.

Dues are received for the coming year's membership and payable prior to opening of registration for SEFS conferences to ensure appropriate discounts allowed when registering.

Apply for SEFC membership

Click below to download membership form, apply and make payment with check.

Checks should be made to the Southeastern Fracture Consortium Foundation.

The mailing address for membership is:

Brenda H. Kulp RN BSN MA            
Executive Director       
Southeastern Fracture Consortium
PO Box 16967
Chapel Hill, NC 27516  

For inquiries regarding membership, please email

Thank you.
Foundation Officers